Created by Lyle  Whatchamacallit , El ' s Visual Diary is a Lifestyle Journal dedicated for his Travel Experiences , Food Trips , and Personal Style as an extension for his love on the broad spectrum of visual arts . Lyle is an Artist engaged in creating and curating content through Photography and Writing .


With his passions , together with his professional background in Social Media Marketing and Hospitality Management , Lyle extends his digital influence to mainly address brand ' s and businesses '  needs to maximize their online presence and visibility with internet marketing specifically through Affiliate Marketing , Search Engine Optimization , Website Design ,  Blogging , Content Creation , Visual Marketing , Social Media Management , and Brand Collaborations .


Currently based in the hustle and bustle of the Greater New York area , Lyle ' s approach to his craft and aesthetic is greatly influenced by pop culture and modern lifestyle . . .


Follow along and get to know Lyle , one mf day at a time !